A Program for Reading Quickly is a way to read quickly, based on two assumptions: that a lot of time spent reading is spent moving your eyes around; and, that words are comprehended by readers in "constant time," that is, the time and mental resources it takes to look at a word and figure out what it is does not depend on the size of the word. APFRQ attempts to capitalize on these assumptions, and save time by presenting the words that make up a text, one by one, to the reader in the same position on a computer screen. This means that you can sit back and look at the same spot on your screen, and let the computer worry about locating the next word in a sentence.

APFRQ obviously works better in some contexts than in others. The most effective way to use it is probably to read news articles or literary texts. These are things that are easy to read at a constant speed. If, on the other hand, you are reading a text that requires rereading and frequent pauses for concentration, APFRQ may not be appropriate. Texts that use special formatting or have unusual layouts also will not work well with APFRQ.

APFRQ is not a speed-reading tool, meaning it probably cannot be fully combined with traditional speed-reading techniques. From what I understand, real speed-reading involves looking at entire sentences and digesting them as a whole. It is possible to view several words at once in APFRQ, but I don't know how well it would work for this technique.

A Program for Reading Quickly has several features to make reading more easy:

  • Text speed is adjustable
  • You can load text from a file OR from the clipboard
  • Font face, size, and color are customizable
  • The ability to automatically restart a text when complete, to help with memorization, etc.


A screenshot of APFRQ A screenshot of APFRQ


Download A Program for Reading Quickly from SourceForge.net.


I think that development on the VB version has pretty much stopped. I would like, however, to make a Java version, which would have all the same features, but also be easier to add to. The program currently requires VB6.0 to update, which is not always easy to get ahold of. I would also like to add a words per minute feature, so you can clock your reading speed. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing to development at my address.

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